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About Us

Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

Pikiji Learning is dedicated to localised Living knowledges. We work with local community and schools, in a customised well supported way and set meaningful pathways in place.


We work with schools on their annual scope and sequences, developing term long units across all year levels. Pikiji Learning puts an increased amount of support into the beginning of each term to professionally develop the educators around their units. We provide ongoing support throughout the term. We also support teachers throughout the year with team teaching, community connections, assessment support and customising future units.

Through this process we also professionally develop  educators how to further their inquiry-based units independent of us.


We aim for school communities, after implementing Pikiji Learning experiences and receiving training, to be confident working with a learner-centred, inquiry-based program . We are aligned  with the Australian Curriculum and provide ongoing assessment opportunities throughout all units.


Our Team

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